If you are excited about finally getting your vehicle clean after several weeks without a car wash, we are too. But you may need to curb your enthusiasm. If you think you’ll see a spotless finish with just car wash soap and water after heavy dirt and filth has been stuck to your car’s finish…think again!

On flip side, some people are worried about washing their car too often. They’re worried that it might damage the paint or cause rust. We are here to tell you just the opposite!

Just like your skin has pores, so does the paint finish on your vehicle. The pores become clogged with contaminants after several weeks of neglect. Don’t get upset with your local car wash when your vehicle doesn’t come out spotless. Would you go several weeks without showering? I think not. Well, the same goes for your auto’s paint.

How much is too much?

Most sources recommend washing your car every two weeks and always by car detailing professionals (HowStuffWorks). This is especially critical during the winter months, when salt can corrode the metal and cause rust. But even through the spring and summer, it’s important to wash your car on a regular basis.

Having the right amount of wax protection on your vehicle, along with frequent washing, will help repel contaminants from bonding to your paint’s surface. For those who live in or near the woods, cars may be prone to “bird business”, dead bugs and tree sap. If not washed off your car frequently, these acidic substances can eat through your car’s paint.

Can I go longer between washes?

If you don’t drive your car every day or you keep in a garage, you may be able to go a little longer in between washes. But if you’re garage is like mine, birds will sit and stay above my car. This tremendous amount of “bird business” should lead to more frequent washes.

So don’t worry about over-washing – your car can handle it! And come to Darien Car Clinic to make sure you get a professional car wash every time.