Winters are tough in the Northeast. And if your car isn’t prepared to take on the snow and sleet, you may find yourself stuck! You can avoid potential car trouble by coming in for a winter safety check. And here at the Darien Car Clinic, we’ll perform this service free of charge.

This complimentary service will check your vehicle’s: 

  • Lights and fluids
  • Belts and hoses
  • Antifreeze protection level
  • Heating system
  • All-wheel drive unit and fluids
  • Charging system
  • Wipers and tires
  • Cooling system for any leaks
  • Tire tread ware

Protecting Your Exterior

You may be tempted to skip the car wash in the months when it feels like your car is always covered in salt. However, it’s actually more important for your car’s performance to take care of it regularly and ensure a clean exterior and high functioning interior.

In addition, it’s critical to keep a good coat of wax on the exterior and flush the undercarriage at your local car wash at least twice a month, throughout the winter. With build up from salt and other environmental factors, there could be continued damage and corrosion to your paint and undercarriage – and ultimately, the performance of your vehicle.

Additional Safety Tips

Here’s an extra safety tip for you this winter – keep your car stocked with a winter supply kit! An emergency kit with jumper cables and roadside flares is key. We also recommend some blankets, warm clothes and food that will keep throughout the months in the unfortunate event you get stuck. Prepare your car from inside to outside to keep you safe this winter.

Let the Darien Car Clinic get your car ready for winter and keep it in top shape throughout the toughest weather of the year. Take advantage of our best offer with an unlimited car wash package. Check out all of our specials and discounts here.