Keep your car in top shape from the inside out – new Express Detailing services.

Birds chirping. Flowers blooming. Everyone sneezing from allergies. That’s right, Spring is around the corner. And it’s time to wash away those winter blues…from your car!

Snow, rain, ice and salt – your car has endured a lot this winter. And without proper care, your car could be suffering more than you realize.

That layer of salt that’s been lingering after the last snow fall could be eating away at your exterior paint or causing buildup in the undercarriage of your vehicle. Those fallen leaves have collected near your hood and trunk could trap odors or even ignite on a hot day. Your wiper blades have been working overtime in rainy and icy conditions. And your interior is likely trapping dirt, salt and odors from wet shoes and boots.

With the proper care, regular washes and detailing, your car can have a much longer life. Regular washes will ensure your exterior and undercarriage stay in the best condition. Regular oil changes ensure your engine and transmission always run smoothly – even in extreme temperatures. Fluid checks keep your car at optimal performance levels providing the best, more reliable ride in your vehicle.

Try our New Express Detailing Service

If you haven’t been cleaning your car on a regular basis this winter (and let’s be honest, it’s way too tempting to stay indoors), then this is the best time to stop by the Darien Car Clinic. Our new Express Detailing service will get your car ready for those summer weekend road trips in no time.

This new service includes:

  • Cleaning the under-hood wiper cowl area to remove old leaves.
  • Wiper blade check (and replacement as needed)
  • Carpet shampoo to remove heavy sand and salt
  • Replacing of old engine coolant to prevent overheating on hot days
  • A healthy coat of wax to protect exterior paint from harmful UV rays

Our Express detailing gives you a better clean, but if you want close to perfect, try our FULL detail services.

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